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Return to Wholeness

May 17, 2021

In this week’s episode, I said the thing. Things that had been sitting in my throat, festering for far too long. Things that might get me labeled, called out or cancelled.


But I’ve realized that living in fear of cancellation doesn’t actually serve anyone. It doesn’t serve you, me, clients, friends, community or the world at large.


Cancellation, whether experienced directly or living in fear of it, perpetuates objectification. It reduces human beings into objects that should always display purity and perfection instead of acknowledging that we are all complex, nuanced, messy, dynamic, miraculous human beings.


In this episode I talk about:


  • An experience that happened in December that led me to want to share this episode to begin with
  • How religious trauma plays a role in self silencing and the suppression of authenticity 
  • The importance of the freedom of speech and expression
  • How human beings are not ideologies
  • Some of my own beliefs and how I continue to allow myself to grow and evolve


Plus I laid out my values statement for my business and the agreements I’m making to myself and you going forward to say the thing.


Beyond The Good Girl Journey:


Return to Wholeness Journaling Guide: