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Return to Wholeness

Feb 28, 2022

Today I'm in conversation with Loren Cellentani, recovering perfectionist, host of the top rated podcast, Witchy Wellness Radio and a Holistic Health Coach.


Loren has a history of navigating and overcoming chronic anxiety and she generously offered her perspective and tools to the Return to Wholeness listeners.


Here's what we discuss:


  • Loren's history with chronic anxiety attacks that stemmed from living a life of "shoulds"
  • How comfort might be a sign that we are fragmenting ourselves
  • How making small changes to everyday routines can help build resilience as we take risks in our lives
  • Anxiety as a super power that is showing us where we're stepping into the unknown and therefore our growth
  • Loren's practice for flowing with anxiety 
  • The role of surrender in supporting ourselves through anxious times
  • Willingness being the first step in getting out of victimhood


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