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Return to Wholeness

Feb 14, 2022

My girl, Julie Ohlemacher, is hopping on to share some big happenings in her life which I'm absolutely thrilled about for her. Though this does mean that her regular appearances on Return to Wholeness will less frequent, we trust that both of our paths are leading us directly where we're intended to go.


In this episode, Jules and I decided to let you get a sneak peek into some of our private conversations that we've been having over the past year as we navigate entrepreneurship, trusting our process and allowing the chips to fall as they may.


Here's what we discuss:

  • The big and exciting evolution that is happening in Julie's life
  • How holding tight to one path can cut us off from possibilities and perhaps our true desires
  • Getting honest with ourselves about if our desires are being influenced by societal status symbols or other "gold standards"
  • This or better mindset when it comes to manifestation - or what Holly prefers to call is - co-creation
  • The role humility plays in manifestation and admitting that we might not always know what's best
  • Abundance being a state of being vs a material reality
  • How to get clear about our desires but also hold them loosely
  • Allowing ourselves to be surprised and delighted by the what life brings us


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