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Feb 7, 2022

I'm THRILLED to introduce you to Victoria Kleinsman, Food Freedom and Body Image Coach. This conversation is very timely as so many women are navigating the body image struggles and feelings of failure that come up this time of year as yet another diet fails.


Victoria has SUCH a powerful perspective on healing body image and a heroine's journey that will inspire you to step more fully into your worth and power.


Here's what we cover:


  • Victoria's journey navigating a vast spectrum of eating disorders from anorexia to binge eating to bulimia
  • Her experience being in a 6 year abusive relationship and how she finally get the strength to leave
  • Transforming blame into self responsibility
  • Navigating the experience of "not wanting to get better" because staying sick = being loved and supported
  • Victoria's absolute terror of gaining weight when she started to heal her relationship with food
  • How she handles body image flare ups and the powerful question she asks herself when triggers come up
  • How the life you desire is available to you in the body you're in today


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Podcast: “Break Free From Binge Eating - With Victoria Kleinsman” on any podcast platform.


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