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Return to Wholeness

Jan 24, 2022

Diet Culture is LOUD this time of year, calling all of us to embark on yet another diet or eating plan and we all know how this ends - with yet another failed attempt to lose weight.


My girl Julie is joining me today to help propose a new path that invites you to consider what it would mean for you to ditch aesthetic related body goals in 2022 in favor of coming home to your body.


The phrase "come home to your body" can seem elusive and that's because it's incredibly individualized, yet Jules and I wanted to share with you what it has meant to experience homecoming in our bodies and how you might be able to as well.


Here's what we cover:

  • The difference between health based goals and aesthetic based goals
  • The " backtracking" that often happens on the Intuitive Eating journey being a necessary detour because there's something to be gleaned
  • Reclaiming actions we take for our health from diet culture
  • How NOT being at home in our bodies causes us to delay life and our desires
  • Our unique experiences and definitions of Homecoming
  • What it feels like to be in friendship/relationship with other woman who are at home in their bodies
  • Your body being YOUR business
  • Our exciting announcement to offer our signature program, Homecoming, as a self-study program in 2022


Link to explore and sign up for Homecoming Self Study:


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