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Return to Wholeness

Dec 13, 2021

Julie + I are actually on FIRE in this episode talking about a Taylor Swift documentary, Ms. Americana, and the way it so beautifully articulates how good girl programming manifests itself.

It almost feels like Julie + I let you in on our fiery private conversations where we explore nuances and our different ways of viewing a topic.

Here's what we discuss:

  • The need to be thought of as "good" being fuel for the compliant woman and living for praise
  • Challenging circumstances in our life happening for us not to us
  • My personal encounter with a Kanye-like man in the beginning of my career and how I internalized his opinion as truth
  • Good girls being conditioned to take feedback at face value without running it through the lens of our own critical thinking
  • Grounding ourselves in what matters beyond achievement
  • What it feels like to be in a constant state of trying to earn our goodness
  • How we devalue our work when it doesn't receive the praise we think it should/need it to in order to feel validated
  • How we treat celebrities as products and our responsibility to be conscious viewers - ensuring we humanize the artists we idolize while knowing that we can opt out of the beauty standards they uphold
  • Everyone having their own definition of goodness which makes it impossible for everyone to like you (aka kryptonite for a good girl)
  • The spectrum of not good enough to "goody two shoes"
  • Navigating situations where people don't like us or misrepresent us
  • Our fear of forcing our opinions and making others uncomfortable with our views
  • Self censoring vs choosing to remain silent from a place of integrity and making sure your words are your own

Check out the Ms. Americana Documentary on Netflix!

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