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Return to Wholeness

Dec 6, 2021

It's just us today, loves, and I'm excited to take our conversation about good girl programming deeper by looking at how it intersects with body image.

Or what I call the first manifestation of good girl/compliant woman programming.

Here's what we cover in this episode:

  • I share about my experience with insomnia over this past year and how I'm navigating it with more grace for myself
  • Body image as the gateway into deeper connection to our feminine freedom
  • How we often act out our good girl programming through our body image before any other area of our lives
  • The drive to have men approve of our bodies
  • Compliant woman/good girl programming depending solely on external feedback and validation
  • The impact of our society's lack of initiation into different stages of our feminine journey
  • How when a women transitions from her maiden to mother body, it's often seen as a failure
  • The grief we may feel as our bodies change over time
  • Dieting and ignoring hunger as a way we self silence
  • Denying and delaying pleasure because we feel we have not earned it
  • Pleasure as life force energy
  • Objectification as a way we limit our humanity
  • Self trust being at the root of the wounding that causes good girl/compliant woman programming

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