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Return to Wholeness

Nov 29, 2021

I'm so excited to introduce you to today's guest, Anna Anderson. She is a such a powerful example of the resilience that's built through rock bottom moments and how we can move beyond victimhood into empowerment.


Here's what we discuss:

  • Anna's journey of searching externally for worth throughout her entire life
  • The life altering experience of becoming pregnant and subsequently single at 28
  • How alcohol became a way for her to cope with the pain of being a single mother who was unable to be with her son as much as she wanted and her experience healing her relationship to alcohol
  • Her unconventional journey into becoming a yoga teacher
  • Her conviction that even though so many parts of her journey were painful, she wouldn't change anything about it because who it allowed her to become
  • How our worth lives in the present moment
  • Moving away from unhealthy masculine and embodying the feminine
  • How women often feel guilty for being in their feminine 
  • Trusting the wisdom of our bodies
  • How younger versions of us play out unhelpful coping strategies from a wounded place


Learn more about Anna and her work here:


Learn more about the Feminine Freedom Coaching Experience here: