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Return to Wholeness

Nov 22, 2021

The holidays are upon us and diet culture is sure to rear its ugly head! Don't worry, love, Julie + I got your back with this episode where we share our key learnings on what NOT to do and what TO do this holiday season to ensure you stay peaceful and present.


Bare with us with our 10 minute random (yet important rant) about vulnerability porn and being mindful to not profit off of our pain on social media.


We also discuss:

  • From eating to the point of sickness to under-eating to the point belly ache, our individual stressful experiences navigating the holidays before we had embodied Intuitive Eating
  • Allowing holiday foods like stuffing and mashed potatoes to be special and sacred
  • The Do's + Don'ts that will allow you to have a peaceful experience with food:
  • Don't "save your calories"
  • Don't punish yourself with exercise (Link below to check out Jules' new program Intuitive Exercise)
  • Don't skip meals the next day
  • Don't try to convert your family to Intuitive Eating at the dinner table
  • Don't buy into guilt/shame over what you eat


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Feminine Freedom Coaching Experience:


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