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Return to Wholeness

Sep 13, 2021

Meet Nicole Tsong, the best-selling author of 24 Ways to Move More and the founder of Nicole Tsong Coaching, a work/life balance coaching business.


In this episode we discuss:


  • Nicole's journey of leaving her award winning journalism career to become a yoga teacher, author and coach
  • The all to familiar experience of trying to change an environment (a career, relationship etc) that simply is no working for us
  • How to continue to follow your purpose even when "life keeps happening" and that it's not a perfect life we're looking for but a fulfilling life
  • Purpose as being much more than just your career path but moment by moment choices we make to be our authentic selves
  • The role of wholeness in living out purpose
  • Making choices from worthiness
  • Movement as a tool to uncover and stay connected to your purpose
  • Redefining movement beyond just going to the gym and seeing it as play
  • The role of self trust in accessing the elusive work/life balance


Learn more about Nicole here and download her free gift, 3 Ways Movement Helps You Discover Your Calling: