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Return to Wholeness

Mar 28, 2022

I can't wait for you to meet Erin Claire Jones! She is someone who has taught me so much about the powerful, helpful tool of Human Design.


Whether you're a Human Design aficionado, novice or are completely clueless about what it is, I think you'll enjoy this conversation as Erin offers a unique and empowering...

Mar 21, 2022

Happy 1 Year Anniversary of Return to Wholeness! I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate this year of co-creating this podcast than to bring our first guest and my friend, Kat Lee.


This conversation is reflective of the ways that both of us have evolved and grown, continuing to call back our own...

Mar 18, 2022

This episode with Bergen Hyde, The Dark Night Doula, is so powerful as we explore in-depth the journey of maiden to mother through the lens of our ever-changing bodies.   Here's what we discuss:

  • Bergen's journey into motherhood that she felt was lacking in true initiation and how that impacted her experience through...

Mar 7, 2022

Meet Monica Rodgers. She is a tireless advocate for the full actualization of women, inspiring women everywhere that saying “YES to the MESS” is the missing link to self-love and personal awakening.

This episode is so powerful as we explore what it means to move beyond external measures of value and worth into...