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Return to Wholeness

Jul 26, 2021

I'm back with another solo episode and it will be the last one for a while because as I declared in the title...I need a break!


In this episode, I share:


  • A reminder that Body Image Boost is still open for enrollment and getting started on Sunday August 1st (not Monday August 1st like I said in the episode -...

Jul 19, 2021

OMG She's back again!


My girl, Jules, is joining me for another powerful body image episode and a special announcement about our new 14 day program that is getting started on August 1st, Body Image Boost:


In this episode, we discuss the paradox of being more...

Jul 12, 2021

This week I'm joined by Science Based Intuitive Eating Coach, Victoria Evans and we had a KICK ASS conversation. Even though I've practiced and used Intuitive Eating for 5 years, I found myself learning from Victoria which is such a gift and a testament to just how complex the work of healing your relationship to your...

Jul 5, 2021

This week I am joined by Kimberlee of @sacredreturning. She is a writer who has been engaging with a community on Instagram for the last few years, focusing on rebuilding life and spirituality after leaving evangelicalism. She is currently writing a book about her process and experience of releasing purity culture...